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Features of InkTec’s TEC (TEC Transparent Electronic Cunductive)

TEC was developed through the manufacturing process of soluble silver clusters, as opposed to the existing conductive ink that disperses nano particles. When the metal (Ag) is dissolved in solvent, it appears to be a clear liquid without particles, but after printing and heat treatment process, a high-density silver layer with superior conductivity is formed.

It is clear with no concept of particles (sub-nano), has excellent stability, and enables low-temperature sintering and thin film materialization to be applied in various areas of the electronic parts material industry.

The Formation Process

of the Thin Film of TEC Ink

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InkTec’s Materials for Printed Electronics

Based on InkTec’s own TEC ink, InkTec has been developing and supplying various materials with specialized printing methods and applicable products, and with decades of accumulated technical skills, we are capable of free viscosity control and optimum response to customers’ needs. The materials currently manufactured and distributed by InkTec are in the forms of Ag Cluster Complex based on TEC Ink. There’s also the paste form using nano dispersion and nano powder and flakes, and a hybrid form using Ag complex and Nano/Flake, which are applied in diverse printing processes, such as inkjet, screen, spray, and roll to roll-based printing (Gravure, Flexo, gravure offset, etc.) They are also used for functional purposes (optical products / decoration) in addition to general electrodes.

Manufactured Products by Printing Methods

Product Class Printing Method Ink Type Viscosity Applicables
IJ Series Inkjet
(Aerosol, Electrostatic)
Complex, Nano Powder Several ~ dozens cps General Electrode by Inkjet Printing
PA Series Flat/rotary screen, imprinting, gravure offset, pad, etc. Powder, Nano,
Nano Hybrid
Thousands ~ hundred thousands cps TSP, PV, Sensor, Signage,
Smart Label, General electrodes
Co Series Coating (Spray/ Spin, etc) Complex Several ~ dozens cps Mirror effect
PR Series Gravure, Flexo, slot die, S-knife, etc. Complex , Nano Powder Several ~ thousands cps General electrodes and coating (for roll to roll printing)
Others (Etching, carbon black, white paste. etc.) screen UV, Nano Powder, Flake Thousands ~ hundred thousands cps Insulation, ITO, EMI Shielding and optical science, color expressions
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