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Printed Electronics Applied Products

Applications in Various Products Through the Optimization
of Materials and Processing

Through traditional printing process and developments of new conductive materials, the printed electronics industry is expecting a huge development in the future, and the interest and demands of customers are increasing more and more as time passes.

InkTec has been self-developing various materials, such as the sheet process and the roll to roll process. We have become a leading enterprise in the printed electronics industry, and are able to meet the customers’ demands and provide top-quality products with fast delivery date through multi-purposed printing lines and optimized materials. Furthermore, we can improve issues with width, flexibility, productivity, and economic feasibility that could not be applied in existing methods (etching, photolithography, metallizing, etc.).

Keywords for Printed Electronics Components: Ink, Substrate, Process

In order to materialize printed electronics components, a full understanding of different approaches based on the nature of application products is required, in addition to the features of the inks (material) by printing methods, the substrates used, and optimized processing condition are needed.

In order to be widely used in displays and different mobile areas, InkTec has been manufacturing products that are used for various purposes in our own specialized printing lines. We are expanding the application areas through continuous R&D investments and enhancements. InkTec will strive to become a leading enterprise in future printed electronics with our materials and wide experiences in processing equipment.

Information on Roll to Roll Line

Classification Printing line1 Printing line2 Printing line3
Printing width(mm) ~ 350 ~ 1,600 ~ 1,600

Manufactured Products (Components) Information

Classification Manufactured Products Classification Application Area
Coating Application Optical (reflective) film Reflective films for LCD/LED/regular lighting Components for LCD, LED, PV, and lighting
EMI shielding film EMI shielding film Mobile and electrical electronics
Heat-resistant film Heat-resistant film for LED Heat-resistant film for LED
Other (optical/functional/decorative) films Displays, signage/lighting, etc TBD
Heat release tape Electrical & Electronic tape Ceramic chip device, PCB, Semiconductor processing
UV release tape Electrical & Electronic tape Ceramic chip device, PCB, Semiconductor processing
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