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Research Institute Introduction

By concentrating on the development
of differentiated materials and techniques, we will
grow as a global company recognized by customers.

InkTec’s technical institute is discovering InkTec’s future growth engine by developing higher value-added products and creating process innovation and new business, through continuous investments and strategic resource distribution.

For this, we are aggressively expanding activities in acquisition and training of major talents, subject selection, operation in market, customer perspectives, and commercialization of acquired core technology.

Established :
February, 1999
(Printing System): October, 2012
Total space :
FE-SEM, ICP-OES, GC/MSD, HPLC, AFM, ED-XRF, Weather O-meter, TGA, DSC, FT-IR, Particle Size Analyzer etc. Over about 40 kinds
(Amount of equipment over 2 billion won)
R&D Works :
- Development of water-based ink for OA & LFP
- Development of non water-based (solvent, oil, etc.) ink
- Development of dispersion systems
- Research of organic synthesis (Dye, Polymer, etc)
- Development of electronics ink & applications
- Development of UV Printer & UV Curable Ink
- Performance of project supported by government