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Digital Printing Ink

InkTec has been developing and supplying dye sublimation, water-based dye & pigment, solvent, eco solvent, mild solvent, and oil inks. These are based on the inkjet technology used in everything from regular office printers to printers for actual photos in the outdoors. With our systems, cutting-edge analysis instruments and experiment apparatus, our products are developed based on the compatibility and quality of the products supplied by the printer manufacturers.

Not only do we hold our own ink technology, we have precise knowledge on printer structures. We provide a better quality than other manufacturers that use low-price raw material and simple formulation.

Core of Image Printing

  • Combination of dispersion and surface treatment based on 22 years of business history
  • Powerful brand value of InkTec
  • Sales Network consisting of approximately 200 business relationships in 80 countries
  • We provide a total solution through various media and parts and after service (for payment or free of charge)

A total solution for actual image printing

InkTec develops and manufactures various inks, such as sublimation ink for textile printing and soft signage market, water-based dye & pigment, solvent, eco solvent, mild solvent and oil ink. We provide high-quality ink through our strict quality control systems. Furthermore,
we provide total solutions for actual image printing, from inks, media, parts, to paid or free after-sales service.

  • Sublimation Ink

    SubliNova, InkTec’s dye sublimation ink that presents the highest printing quality, was developed from many years’ of knowledge of ink development, cutting-edge equipment, and technology. The dispersed dye in the ink is evenly distributed and enables rich color expression, and the ink fluidity is excellent to enable stable printing ability in different environments. Furthermore, SubliNova sublimation ink uses harmless environmentally-friendly dyes, and has been certified as environment friendly from an international test agency. Specially, SubliNova HI-liTE achieves Eco Passport by Oeko-Tex® Association, which means that it has no harmful effects on human health and the environment.

  • Water-based dye/pigment ink

    InkTec provides water-based dye/pigment inks that are compatible with different printers, such as Mimaki, Epson, Mutoh, Roland, HP, and Canon. They guarantee a stable printing quality in diverse printing environments, and provide the optimal printing conditions with fewer bubbles due to impact, a weak point of water-based ink.

  • Solvent ink

    InkTec’s Solvent Ink is compatible with the latest Epson Piezo printer heads, and presents fast drying speed with excellent color development. Also, it is optimized for indoor printing such as POP and advertisements and outdoor ad printing, such as automobile ads and signage. It has exceptional water resistance and light resistance.

  • Eco solvent ink

    InkTec’s environmentally-friendly Eco Solvent Ink is optimized for printers with Piezo head technology. It has less odor and no harmful ingredients, so it is suitable for interior printing. It can create a pleasant printing environment without a separate ventilating system.

  • Mild Solvent Ink

    InkTec’s Mild Solvent Ink is compatible with printers equipped with Epson Piezo head, and harmoniously applied the advantages of solvent and eco solvent ink. It maintains the high penetration of solvent ink to maximize excellent colors and media compatibility, and maintains eco solvent’s low odor to create a pleasant printing environment.

  • Power Chrome Ink

    InkTec’s Power Chrome Ink has twice the color concentration of existing color inks, so it creates sharp and clear colors close to dye ink. Also, it has full gradation with matte black, light black, even lighter black, and photo black colors. It can create sharp and natural images.

  • Oil Ink

    InkTec’s Oil Ink is compatible with Xaar 512, 128 heads, offers high productivity with fast drying speed. It presents excellent compatibility with a variety of media, such as photographic paper, backlit, adhesive PVC, and flex.

  • Inkjet Media

    InkTec provides different types of media for various solvents, in addition to media for water-based ink. We strive to provide various media through continuous research and development. 31 different water-based media are available, including synthetic paper, photographic paper, and PVC. We proudly present high-quality media with fast drying speed and curl-prevention technology, including 11 solvent media. These include backlit film and synthetic paper, which are exported all over the world and are recognized for their quality.

InkTec makes inks for all different types of printers

InkTec has developed inks with a quality that is exceptionally close to the manufacturer’s ink with our 23 years of accumulated technology. We supply top-quality ink through our automated manufacturing processes and strict quality control.

Customer satisfaction is InkTec’s number one priority, and we achieve this by supplying the optimum inks for various printers, offering after service, and customer consultations. InkTec will always be on our customers’ side.

  • Bulk Ink
    InkTec’s premium bulk ink is a high-capacity ink designed for users with large amount of usage or who use continuous ink supply systems (CISS).
  • Inkjet Printer Paper
    InkTec’s high-quality Inkjet Printer Paper has a high penetration rate, so it dries fast after printing and has excellent water resistance properties.