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Digital Printing Introduction

InkTec has been developing and supplying various high quality inks for digital printer. These are based on the inkjet technology used in everything from regular office printers to printers for actual photos in the outdoors. With our systems, cutting-edge analysis instruments and experiment apparatus, our ink products are developed based on the compatibility and quality of the products supplied by the printer manufacturers.

Additionally, InkTec has developed a UV-curable inkjet printer, JETRIX, and high-quality UV ink with cutting-edge technology in the inkjet area. Combined with the researchers’ years of accumulated know-how, JETRIX is a perfect solution for photographic printing for advertisements and various industrial printing areas. JETRIX, with its advanced technology, guarantees an outstanding printing quality through true grayscale printing.

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Digital Printing Slogan

Digital Inkjet Frontier, InkTec

InkTec are ideally positioned to actively lead the digital inkjet market as frontier.

The slogan reflects our vision, our advanced performance and even more importantly our promise to our customers.