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Manual Guide
  • About Refilling
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1) Low Price

InkTec's products are supplied at much more affordable prices compared to OEM products, while maintaining the same quality. This is possible because InkTec is using its own technology to produce raw materials for ink as well as creating finished products in our own mass production facilities.

2) High Quality

InkTec's technology has been officially recognized as superior quality by the Ministry of Science and Technology, which has awarded us the KT Mark. In addition, we have received the distinguished Jang Young Shil Award. We are honored that our products have been used internationally and have been favorably reviewed in more than 120 countries.

3) Stable Supply

InkTec relies on our own technology and our experienced human resources to supply all elements of our products, from raw materials to final packaging. Therefore, we are rarely affected by external environments such as floating exchange rates or chain reaction bankruptcies, and we are both highly stable and reliable in our product supplies and prices.

4) Environmentally-Friendly

InkTec protects the environment by recycling cartridges and reducing wastes.

  • When you print a large quantity of documents, check the remaining ink levels or the status of the head by looking at the print outputs.
  • When you haven't used the printer for a long time, clean the head before printing.
  • Replenish the color cartridge even if only one color is empty.
  • When you won't be using the printer for an extended period, keep the cartridge in a cartridge storage area. If your printer doesn't have one, wrap the head part in plastic wrap to keep it from having too much exposure to the air.
  • Caution: Do NOT use general cellophane tape.
  • If the nozzle dries up after having been neglected for a long time, soak it in warm water (40 to 50°). Then, completely remove the water from the cartridge, install it, clean the head, and proceed with your printing job.
  • You should refill your cartridge when there is still a small amount of ink remaining rather than waiting until it is completely empty.
  • Read the manual carefully and follow all manufacturer directions for refilling.
  • Use an ink type suitable for the printer model, because there are different kinds of ink required for each printer model.